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McClintock Clock Restoration
Colorado Springs Colorado

In cooperation with
Pikes Peak Historical Streetcar Railway Foundation
and NAWCC Chapter 100


May 21st, 2016
Short visit to the clock. New information includes repair of the top and bottom of the sub-clock. All metal work completed.

Chime sub clock sub clock


May 5th, 2016
I am writing to again say “thank you” for your technical assistance and support during the May 5th workday at the Trolley Museum. While the primary focus was on getting the master clock/chime drum and the outdoor/slave clocks working together again, I was greatly gratified by all of the additional work we accomplished. A great deal of work was done to “button up” the case, install dials and advertising panels, thoroughly clean them, provide support channels to stabilize the top surface of the dials, verify the size and fit of the four pieces of tempered
glass, and terminate the electrical and signal cabling in the master clock and the outdoor clock. When the cabling was connected, both units worked perfectly. This flawless connection was a testimony to the work done by Wayne Russert. And, the outstanding work done by Chuck and Richard was clearly evident as they got the chime drum and the chime tubes talking to each other in a very few minutes. Tim got the master clock time and the differing times on the slave clocks back into coordination to assure all were concurrently displaying the
correct time. Thank you all!


Follow this link for more images of the team performing various stages of work.

There are still several significant "cosmetic tasks" remaining to be done: they include polishing and lacquering the brass components on the case, applying a finish to the currently detached case top and bottom,
sealing and reinstalling them, installing the four glass tempered panels, and finishing/painting the two side louvered panels. The advertising panels as shown await the application of the Streetcar Foundation name and trolley car logo. The master clock is now operating in its end location while the outdoor/slave clocks will be relocated to its end location inside the roundhouse within the next month. When that relocation occurs we will likely need to visit the Museum again to validate the clock system’s operating order.

BTW, a side benefit of dressing up the clocks was that they were looking good, running and chiming, for last Friday's visit by the Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers party. It is my understanding that Mayor Suthers is much more transit oriented than his predecessors. So, I believe this bodes well for the Trolley Museum's future and for the return of trolley cars to Colorado Springs.

John Bartos, 2016

April 13th, 2016
We are still making some progress on the McClintock clock at the Colo Sprgs Trolley Museum. Thanks to much work from Wayne Russert, the cabling/wiring between the master clock and the outside/slave clocks has been installed and run. Greg Roberts has relocated the master clock to the shelf in the Museum and connected the electrical power to the power supply and backup battery in the box next to it. The master clock is running.

It was noticed that the chime drime is hanging up on occation. A work day is planned at the Museum and check out the chime drum and the chimes operation. Hopefully, just some “tweaking” is all that will be needed. The picture below shows the master clock in the main part of the museum:
Master Clock


August 15th, 2015
We had another very good day at the Colorado Springs Trolley Museum and are quite pleased at the progress made to date. The secondary clocks were reinstalled today and connected to the master clock and the attendant chime tube system.  Richard Mills did some additional fine tuning this past week on the hammers and their striking positions on the tubes; today he did some tube cleaning and some very fine sanding on the end of the tube that had been cut down.  To all of us the tone of all of the tubes sounds just perfect.  Between Richard and our organ tuner/clock man Don Wick, all of the chime tunes sound absolutely great. Below are pictures and videos of the day. A full set of pictures can be found at:

Chime Rods

Testing Chime Rods

60 second video on how the chime rods were tuned. These rods were "extra" and will be sold to recoop initial startup costs.

Note: Post chime resonation

chime rods 2

Case Frame stands approx 6 feet high

chime rods 3

Tim Orr examines the chime solenoids


Chime, Lighting, & Hammers

McClintock Lighting

30 second video on back lighting of outside clock face. Current plan is to relocate lighting to show better


4 minute video on chime sequence, hammers, sub clocks, etc




History of this Clock:
Thanks to Kate S. at Bank of Colorado in Brush, we now have more information about the timing of when the McClintock two dial clock was moved from its original installation at the First National Bank, Brush, CO. (corner of Clayton and Emerson Streets) to the time (ca. October 1973) when it was refurbished and reinstalled at the bank’s current location (301 Clayton Street).

I’m not sure that the newspaper’s reference to the clock being on the First National Bank since 1904 is correct as the history of the O.B. McClintock-Loomis Company indicates they began making electric chimes and clock systems in 1908. Later, in 1917, the company became known as the O.B. McClintock Company.

But, some good history about the clock is now becoming known thanks to the folks at the Bank of Colorado.

Follow this link for to see a newspaper article on the clock: Brush Colorado Newspaper Article

June 2015
The chime tubes were tested and the need to tune them became apparent. Richard Mills volunteered to tune the series of tubes. The chime rebuid was completed and working perfectly.


May 2015
First test of all the parts this month. Preliminary testing on chime rack was very promising. Subs clocks were working as designed. The chime movement worked but was sluggish. Chuck Daldry volunteered to overhaul this movement. The mechanism has a very large mainspring. Chuck had the tooling to remove this spring safely for the complete rebuild.

Initial Testing Phase

McClintock Running

80 second video on the master clock running, chiming and striking. 

Sub Clock

21 second video on master clock and one of the sub clocks. This was the initial test of the connectivity between both systems.




CS Gazzette McClintock Article

Article in the Colorado Springs Gazzette Monday May 25, 2015


December/January/February 2015
McClintock clock moved to the Colorado Springs Trolley Museum from Denver. The Master clock was moved to Golden. John Bartos repaired the case then cleaned and oiled. The master clock movement was given to Mike Korn who repaired the time & strike and secondary clock movements.

Secondary Clock Movement Repair

McClintock Running

Warn pivot holes 

Sub Clock

Arbors new & old. Pivots on original arbors badly warn

McClintock at Barn

Original condition of McClintock Clock located in Barn. Clock purchased from Dave Cooper (Boulder Chapter 160)

McClintock Dial

This clock connects via two iron posts attached to the side

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