2018 Rocky Mountain Regional

The 2018 Rocky Mountain Regional will be in  October 5th & 6th.  This is a new month for our regional.

Start planning ahead, get your registration in early.  Download the registration form and send to Dave and Nanette Fornof.  Details can be found on the registration form.


A special thanks goes to these regional volunteers

Regional Chairman: Terry Jones
Pre-Registration: Dave & Nanette Fornof


2017 Rocky Mountain Regional

We had another great regional this year.  Terry Jones continues to administer a great event.  We had buyers and sellers from all over the United States in attendance as usual.  We had presentations from Tim Orr or National Representative and a very good display.

Interesting this year we had an increase in walk up registrations than any regional in the modern era.  We had three times the number of people who are interested in clocks, watches, and horology in general.

On Friday, Tim Orr, our regional rep gave an interesting talk on "The Longitude of Mystery Solved".  Saturday the members were treated to a country style breakfast with remarks by Charles Daldry our president and Tim Orr our NAWCC director.  Later in the day, Tim Schultz provided a video on "All About Clock Repair".  A full weekend was had by all.

Check out this short video on the mart room.  It was late in the day and still there was an energy in the mart room that is great to see -> Mart Room Video .  Thanks to Tim Schultz of Boulder Chapter 160 for these pictures -> More Pictures

Timely Antiques from Fort Collins

A display of sketches from Archie Perkins

Display of Statue Clocks

A Busy Mart Room

A display from Emily Griffith Opportunity School

A special thanks goes to these regional volunteers

Regional Chairman: Terry Jones
Pre-Registration: Dave & Nanette Fornof
Silent Auction Chair: Doug Fowler
Overnight Security: Tom Evans
Registrars: Dave & Nanette Fornof, Dick Shelton
Program Speaker: Tim Orr (NAWCC Fellow, National Director)
Exhibitors:  Tim Orr, Larry Funk, Tim Schultz
Mart Tables: Larry Funk
Publicity & Signage:  Pat McGuire, Mike Korn (Fellow)
Special Table Holders:  Emily Griffith Opportunity School, Russ Junk
Audio/Video Setup: Gerry Spann, Mike Korn (Fellow)
Special Volunteers:  John Bartos (Fellow), David Longenacker (chapter tres.), Daniel Kress, Bill Dillon


2017 Rocky Mountain Regional Application Sheet

Follow this link for more pictures:

2016 Rocky Mountain Regional

The regional has presentations, a massive mart room filled with clocks, watches, tools, you name it.  A breakfast is available on Saturday mornings for all who wish to attend.  Preregistration is required.

Interested in more information about the NAWCC Rocky Mountain Regional?

Send Us a Note, we will be glad to tell you more about it.