NAWCC Chapter 21

Introduction to the Miniature Lathe in watch and clock repairing
February 24th, 2018

Topics covered included:
1)  Pivot polishing
2) Straightening & Replacing a clock pivot
3) Removing a balance staff in a watch
4) Fabricating pillar Nuts from Brass Hex Stock

This is a multi-station workshop on using the miniature lathe in watch and clock repair.  The seminar is scheduled for Saturday February 24th at the Emily Griffith Technical College clock repair classroom. The seminar fee is $20. All proceeds will go to the Margene Oswald Scholarship Fund.

The class is limited to 15 people.

Contact Dick Shelton for more information. Dick can be reached via email at: or by phone (720) 934-9824.

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Bring a Clock to Diagnose

Bring a Clock to Diagnose
October 2017

Topics covered included:
1)  Analyzing the movement while still in case
2) Removing the movement and inspecting
3) Case and Dial problems
4) Discussion on oils and lubrication

The attendees’ clocks were examined and recommendations developed for additional work.  In some instances the reported problem was corrected immediately.

Each attendee received a small vial of oil and an applicator brush.

Feedback comments lauded the facility and instructor and suggested repeating this format as well as the case restoration topic presented last January.

Eight attendees – six were current Emily Griffith Students

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