Fall 2021 Workshop in planning stage!

While it has been a few years since our last Workshop (due to COVID), we are anxious to get started again. In fact, we are presently planning our Bring a Clock to Diagnose workshop for Fall 2021! So please stay tuned. We will finalize dates soon!


 Winter 2019 WORKSHOP!

Introduction to the Mill
Saturday -January
Emily Griffith Technical College

 This workshop was held on the 26th of January. It was taught by Gerry Spann and Charles Daldry.  It covered an introduction to Milling machine. Some of the topics that were covered included:

  • Safety
  • History
  • Tools
  • Demonstration


Movement Cleaning
Saturday – September 2018
Emily Griffith Technical College

The topic for this workshop was to demonstrate and discuss commercial cleaning solutions, equipment, tools, and techniques.   Chapter VP Ken Reindel shared his experiences with commercial cleaning solutions and demonstrated the tools and techniques used in his shop.  Participants had an opportunity to clean their own movements and materials were then transferred to the school for ongoing use in the Clock Repair classroom.


Cuckoo Clock Repair

The Spring Workshop was a huge success.  The workshop was sold out with 12 students attending.  A special thanks goes to Dick Shelton for organizing the workshop and Charles Daldry and Ken Reindel for providing expert instruction.  The images below are just a sample of the workshop’s activities.

Class Attendees

Cuckoo Clock Workshop attendees Mike Wolin and Mike Wingert

Chapter 21 President Charles Daldry demonstrates techniques to Scott Welch

Chapter 21 member Ken Reindel discussing his presentation at the Cuckoo Clock Workshop June 9th, 2018

Chapter 21 member Jane Stapp

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Introduction to the Miniature Lathe in watch and clock repairing
February 24th, 2018

Twenty members of Chapter 21 gathered at Emily Griffith Technical College in downtown Denver on Saturday, February 24th, for a seminar titled “Introduction to Lathe Work.” Led by Chapter President Charles Daldry, and members Mike Korn, Ken Reindel, Dick Shelton and Jack Wood, many lathe skills for Watchmakers and Sherline lathes were explained and demonstrated including pivot polishing and replacement, arbor straightening, screw making, turning in a box, tapping, threading, knurling and replacing a balance staff.
Before the breakout sessions started Ken Reindel gave an overview of the micro lathe with accessories, turning in a box, and making a new wheel hub.

To download Ken’s introductory presentation click -> Here
Charles Daldry gave a nice presentation on screw making and turning in a box.

Jack Wood’s presentation was on replacing balance staffs.  He demonstrated this process and zoomed in on this process with a camera connected to a laptop.

Ken’s presentation included polishing pivots.

Last but not least, a picture of the classroom and students.

Mike Korn

Chuck Daldry

Ken Raindel

The class was made of NAWCC Chapter 21 members and clock repair and former/graduate students at Emily Griffith Technical College.  A very diverse class.  The workshop provided all abilities with information they could use.  A very successful workshop.

All proceeds will be donated to the Margine Scholarship fund. This fund provides scholarship money for students at the Emily Griffith Technical College Clock Repair Class.

Bring a Clock to Diagnose

Bring a Clock to Diagnose
October 2017

Topics covered included:
1)  Analyzing the movement while still in case
2) Removing the movement and inspecting
3) Case and Dial problems
4) Discussion on oils and lubrication

The attendees’ clocks were examined and recommendations developed for additional work.  In some instances the reported problem was corrected immediately.

Each attendee received a small vial of oil and an applicator brush.

Feedback comments lauded the facility and instructor and suggested repeating this format as well as the case restoration topic presented last January.

Eight attendees – six were current Emily Griffith Students

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Fall 2020 workshop!